Monday, 19 December 2016

The NEW Just One Candle Website

This blog site started in 2008, when I had a few things that were 'burning' with me and felt that I just needed to say them – whether or not anyone was listening!
Since then, occasionally there have been more 'burning issues' which I have felt the need to express.  It IS far better to try to light one little candle than to merely scream at the darkness, and I hope that some of the things which I have shared from my heart have been some help and encouragement to some others who face similar frustrations.
Now all these texts have been gathered on a new website – with a familiar name!  It is and you will find MANY more files there, with more being added all the time until I have uploaded all (or at least most!) of the various notes from all the talks and studies that Val and I have given or led over the last 30 years or so.
Some of the older files will take a little retrieving and some may be lost completely – especially those which were written on a typewriter before we had a computer or which are in obsolete file formats – but I will try to unearth as many as I can.
They are all available as PDF files for free download.  I may also put some of the larger ones into e-book formats.
This blog is not closing!  I expect there will continue to be times when I feel the need to 'sound off' about burning issues, so I shall return here in the hope that the burning can be put to use in lighting another little candle . . .